By Alex Mensaert

This page contains all different poems and stories written by Alex Mensaert, mostly in Dutch and English.

titel language sort
De Baas Poem
Fantastish mooi is het Leven Poem
Grauw Verdriet Poem
Heil mein Fuhrer Poem
Manneke Maan Poem
Nonkel Jan Poem
BelgiŽ Poem
Racisme en Haat Poem
Vergeef me! Poem
Vreugde van het leven Poem
Zatte mannen op cafe Poem
I feel me so Bad (2015) Poem
My beautiful Brazil (2015) Poem
Where you don't Belong (2015) Poem
All I want is a simple Life (2015) Poem
Finally she is on her Way (2015) Poem
Farewell my Brazil (2015) Poem
Children of the poor World (2015) Poem
The bucket List (2015) Poem
Sad and Alone (2015) Poem
My treasures on Visit (2015) Poem
Now you know what I mean (2015) Poem
Crying for You, Crying for Us, Crying for Home (2015) Poem
What a big Discovery... (2015) Poem
When you are in Prison (2015) Poem
Stay with me one more Day (2015) Poem
Racism in many Ways (2015) Poem
What is a Woman (2015) Poem
Where I would like to Be (2015) Poem
Turn back Time (2015) Poem
The Decision we Made (2015) Poem
I guess this is what will happen Soon (2015) Poem
I can't handle this another Year (2015) Poem
Finally the last year to Do (2016) Poem
Hell of a Life (2016) Poem
Being controled by a Woman (2016) Poem