Do you know how it feels when you are where you don't belong? How hard it is, that torture and to trying to keep yourself strong.

Missing friends, people, culture, happiness everyday,

from a place, that you made yourself home, but being now far away.


The sadness, the tears, the worst feeling in your life, just because you're not in that place with your future wife.

A place where you want to die one day,

after living there for years, and then sliding slowly away.


I don't tell you the name of that place, because the most would laugh straight in my face.

It is a place where people are simple and poor, but from that place, I want to see more.


It is a place that the most of you don't know,

a place you think it's filled with misery, but go with me and let me show.

Learn to know it in reality,

then you know why I want there to be.


An heaven on earth is what I call it, while you will think 'oh, that country of shit'. A place where money comes on the last place,

but friendship, hospitality, love and thousands of smiles in front of your face.


A place where you can see people that love each other, where family still believe in each other, a father and a mother.

Over there, if you are black or white, straight or gay, no one cares, they will not laugh with it or trying to play.


Playing with feelings, hurting each other, that your heart is in pain, not over there, for them those things are insane.

Not being hurt, not being sad, being happy and feeling you home,

a place where they take you as you are, where you never will be alone.

It is on this planet, filled with misery and stupid wars, but over there they prefer to watch the stars.

I only tell you that they speak Portuguese,

for that place, if I could, I would go on my knees.