Where I would like to be,

and really the biggest dream from me,

That is a place on earth, where I was happy as never before, Brazil, the country from what I want to see much more.

I wish I could be there right now, in the little beautiful streets I know.

Surrounded by my friends and Brazilian family,

Sad I can't get in touch with them, yes I know it's even silly.


But the most of them live in streets of sand,

and a mailman go only there after a payment and on command. But I know they are waiting there for me, already very long, that is where I want to be and where I really belong.

In every dream, in every thought, I can see where I need to be, the places as Rio, Araruama, Praia Seca,... are in my heart with me. It hurts to not be there right now, knowing it isn't that much I want,

I wish I could fly over right now, just by a finger click and on demand.


Years without family in Belgium, is what I had before,

is it then so much I want? My Brazil, my people and nothing more.

I'm missing the smiles and peace there are, and honestly, Brazil isn't that far.

A good nine hours flying to home,

I wish I could book a flight right now, just with a simple phone.

Drinking a coffee near the Araruama – lake, baking for the street children a huge nice cake.


Seeing them laughing and happy again, would be a nice and positive step, sitting down, watching them playing with a kite, and me with a baby on my lap.

Suffering street children and poor babies with a smile, for that I only need to travel a few thousand mile.

It is a dream, but I want it for real, only there it is my real happiness I feel.

Closing my eyes, thinking and being with them over there, I wish I could explain it better, so that I could share.


I would love to share my thoughts and explaining why Brazil is my Paradise, the simplicity of people, being happy without having a lot of things.

Offering me now the chance to return back home, I would not need to think twice, I would leave immediately, to the country where poor people feel like Kings.


Where I would like to be, there I felt me so good,

isn't there anyone that understand that it is my life, my people, my neighborhood.

I don't want to be lonely and unhappy in Belgium, again as I was before, let become my dream reality and you will not hear or see me anymore.