When you are in prison, surrounded by walls so high, the feeling of being a number, being nothing, isn't a lie. The only freedom is in your dreams and in your head, not knowing when they will let you go, pretty sad.

How longer they can keep you, how more money they make, where is the real justice then? Or is it all just fake?

Proving that you're innocent, even with proofs they don't believe, you are a number, a stamp for life, a criminal, a thief.


Some of the inmates can get angry on the guards, this kind of inmates are just a bunch of cowards. The guards didn't lock you up in your little cage, that was the judge on a certain date and age.

Hearing whole days crap about drugs and prison talk, then you wish you could fly away as a huge strong hawk.

On the many walks you see how almost every inmate want to have a joint, even with a lot of money, I would not think on getting stoned.


Waking everyday up in the sad reality, thinking on 'Why they did that to me?',

So many lies and inmate stories go around,

even what happened to me, it is a new story that they found.

Dreaming and crying for the beautiful places where I felt me so good, nothing with money, just nature, God and a good mood.

Prison is a mentally torture, that's how we inmates call it everyday, but let them try and do, it will go one day away.


Minutes getting hours and hours getting days, that is the reality that you everyday need to face.

Missing daily people, some even don't know that you are in jail, remembering the freedom and feeling as a happy swimming wale. People that don't know you, need to decide about who you are, how can they know it, when you lived very far.

They give you a stamp and a bad name, all without any shame.


When you are in prison, loosing your time and energy,

thinking and crying for how much you want to be with friends and family.

You only can see how everything you build up is getting destroyed,

it makes you so depressive, you can't do anything, you only get annoyed.


Every move you do and make, they can see it as you being fake.

As a number, being human off for a time without any proud, we are nothing, just the income from justice, let me say that loud.