What is a woman during this time and days, a lot of them get hit in their face.

Man in disrespect with their wife today, the woman even is afraid to run away.

Woman are no slaves of man, doing your own laundry, yes you can.

Don't hit them, but handle them with honor and respect, without woman there wouldn't be children, that's a fact.


Nine months long she is suffering through a lot of pain, to get the baby on earth from your blood and vain.

A woman is as crystal or as a diamond,

handle it with care before it breaks and will leave you behind for good, A woman you need to protect with all your love for ever,

I hope you understood.

What is a woman in countries as Afghanistan,

a child married with an old man from the Taliban clan. Sad that those things exist on the planet where you live,

a woman isn't a sexual object that you hurt with your dick hard and stiff.


It is a person filled with love that can be good for you, but don't hurt her, then you are a looser too.

So many woman are abused and hurt by guys,

is it then so difficult to handle her with care so nice.

Real love is sometimes difficult to find, so, be for her really nice and kind.

Be a man, a father and put her on your throne, she comes on the first place, where she belong.


Don't drop her the day she get pregnant from you,

take responsibility, being a proud father is what you need to do.

Make her smiling every day,

so that she don't leave you behind and goes away.

Don't see a woman as your propriety, your love, your life, your future, that is she.

Don't let her work to sponsor your problems and bills, give her the space and the freedom she need on the hills.


Dare to say 'Sorry' and 'I love you so much', leave other woman, there is only one to touch!

Touch the heart of the one and only you will love forever, don't hurt her in no anyway, not now or never.

Look into her eyes and let her feel that you always will be good,

be there for her every second of your life and keep her in a good mood.