How corrupt and fake a lawyer can be,

for this fake lying service, we even paid a fee. No wonder that in the USA they call lawyers a liar,

thanks to this shit guy our level of problems got higher.


Acting as we can return to Brazil, almost right now, we found out that it was acting, just being very low.

Good that we have his many lies on different papers as a proof, that will give us an extra and positive move.

Jamile and I could had been married by now, if that fool had been honest and not such a cow.

The marriage papers from my Jamile are all with him, trying to interrupt our love was his begin.


Already since my Jamile is in Belgium to be with me, that liar and lawyer plaid a game with she.

Let the fool go on and find out what will be the surprise, playing with Jamile will make her as ice.


We don't take this crap anymore, that's now for real, even the meeting last week was fake and that we could feel.

Too much pushing into a direction we can't reach,

that is what I found out yesterday on official documents, a teach. A lesson in never trust someone from that kind of devastating 'part',

a bunch of liars and actors in 'play it false and hard'.

Near that for sure a part of racism – hate,

but Jamile and I, we still have our people and our faith.


A lawyer who's brother did a marriage with a Philippine wife, found out it was fake, so it felt as a heart stabbed with a knife.

But that's not us, we are already years with each other, that can confirm a lot of people, even our mother.


'They' let us believing in a VI for Brazil,

a 'water chance' is what they name it, a joke! I told my Jamile.

Nine pages of crap was a huge discovery on yesterday, only from that after all we would love to go forever away.


Away from a country that love lies and devastating games, Oh no, I don't mention from no one their names.

But good it is that we can leave this all in the future behind, so we can put all this crap from here out of our mind.