I guess the decision was made today, you that will go soon away,

Totally ruined by lies and Belgian games, our dream is gone in flames.

You asked me what to do, you are forgiven and I love you, But I can't decide in your place, let's stop the spit in your face.

You miss home and we know why, very soon I say to you goodbye,

You understand now how this country is, so please go and dismiss.


Our hearts are broken for a certain time, but where you go you stay mine,

What my son and others are doing to you, I even don't allow that from a few.


You are right, all those years together we can't forget, just never forget the unique place where we met, Now today you realize,

that I don't go on with taking the lies.

Now you understand and said:

VI Brazil will never work, there is no faith, ET will be a control to me in a way,

all words from your mouth today.


Now deciding when you go and what to take, and over here we don't need to proof we aren't fake.

Interesting you asked me what I would do, if thanks to this I would loosing you.


A silly question if you know what I would say leaving Belgium for good and staying away, Going to Brazil, Africa, and Moçambique, again helping babies and children very quick. You know it is my dream and target goal,

to stay coming up for the poor baby soul,

So what to do and where to go in your situation, after this sadness, home! Leave the Belgian devastation!


I was able to explain you why I don't deal with them anymore, I feel me now so used as a cheap sucking crack-wore,

by them from the country I was born in years ago, probably the same feelings with you, so better go.



I understand you even don't want to marry anymore, I understand Jamile, I also don't take the crap no more.

Arranging the things that need to be done, and afterwards back everyday on the phone.


Counting the time together down till you are over there, at least at our home there is nothing to fear.

Don't forget you are not what they think over here, those racists from the country of beer.

Now the new lawyer to stop the shit, arranging an ID card that will fit,

Also for me no more deals or believes over here, and that will be for them soon very clear.


Calling to your mother and to Espirito Santo land,

to arrange some things and yes take back the Copacabana sand, VI, ET and all that bullshit,

that's what we now gonna forget. The sad part is we are getting old,

so our baby dream stands now also in the cold, but more important is to not give up our faith in God,

maybe he wanted to show you that Belgians can hurt a lot.


Europe is anyway raped by money and we want a simple life, know that without the official thing, in my heart you are my Wife.

This week one more other lawyer to meet in jail,

then he can hit and slam with his hammer on the fatal nail. Fatal in the way that we don't believe any word or deal, let's not change or believe, let us become from steel.

Iron so strong as concrete,

with lies and fake promises we are not feed.


Just don't understand why you don't want me to do business again, how to make money then there as a man?

Singing dutch songs in Rio de Janeiro? Princess, we need to make dinheiro.

Thousands of R$ and €uro's you lost on this and it makes me mad, for days you are crying again you told me and that is sad.

So,people in love can't marry over here, except if they are white? No Jamile, even I don't stay longer then 'necessary' on this world side.


One more thing, before you go, visit the Atomium and my family graves,

because the day I will leave here too,

there is nothing I want to see or visit before I go.

You say, seven years you don't drop away,

back home later we go on... till 3O years or more that way.