If you would make a list, of the destinations you still want to see in this life, the places you want to see before your soul would leave here for good. You could do it completely alone, or together in romance with your wife,

thinking on where I should start, listening to music from Glenn Miller 'in the Mood'.

I guess that starting with a trip to New Orleans to listen to some real Jazz, would be a good begin, to start my end on travels that I still want to make.

Listening to the Belgian Saxophone, for sure I would move on this rhythm my ass, then straight to South Carolina to my American Aunt, so we can eat a last piece of cake.


Thinking on Cheops, Chefren and Mynkerinos, I would love to see their pyramids in the sand,

a part of the great Egyptian history, in Cairo and already thousands years old. Being for a while in the sphere of old pharaohs in King Tutankhamen his land,

at night watching the stars in the dessert, laying near my camel, knowing it could get cold.


Walking through Paris, buying a painting in Montmartre, listening to music from Edith Piaf, and then on a Safari in Kenya, taking a picture from me near a huge giraffe.

Back to Florida and seeing the Space Shuttle going up for one more time, and spending a few days in the Brazilian Amazons, that would be also fine.

Eating a spaghetti Carbonare and a pizza in Italy would be so tastefully and good, then to Spain to be on a romantic beach to eat a real paella, oh! that is nice food. Seeing the Jesus on the mountain in Rio de Janeiro one more time again today, and after that the Liberty Statue in New York, to fly from JFK airport away.


Straight to Nice, the Var and to the beautiful Provence, yes, indeed again to the South of France.

Watching to the beauty of the endless lavender fields waving in the wind, listening to the beautiful songs of the cigales, while I will drink something with mint.

In Dubai, watching the earth from the highest building ever build, and going to Scotland, to see the castles and the man in their kilt.

Going to Rome, meeting the Pope and praying together for a world of peace,

and going to Holland to see the colors of the many tulips and eating some Gouda cheese.


Watching the world from the Himalaya sky, seeing from there our Moon, so far away and so high.

To end up diving in the romance and beauty of the tropical Maldives sea, seeing the fishes happy swimming in a row, realizing that I want to be as them, so free.

Sitting in Cuba with a real Havana in my mouth and enjoying the Spanish music that I can hear,

from there straight to Mexico, in Acapulco on the beach, with a Tequila or a Corona bear.

So much more that I wanted to see and enjoy on this blue globe,

but maybe I will reborn, a reincarnation, so I can see more, that I only can hope.


Coming back as a fish in the sea, a bird in the sky or a three in the woods, starting all over with new roots.

Traveling again to where I want to go, to what I want to see,

a restart and more time on this planet is how it should need to be.