Stay with me, one more day,

or can I ask you, to never go away. To never leave from my side, because for you, I always will fight.

The love we have and feel,

is for each other more then real.

People tried to brake us many times, during many years, loosing each other belongs to our daily fears.


Loosing each other again isn't what we have in mind, but some racists don't believe in our love, they are not kind. They think that black and white don't belong to each other,

even the woman that made you is behind our love, yes your mother.


You are so black and I am so white, but our love I will never hide.

The world need to know how real we are,

so real as the 'black' sky at night with the shiny 'white' star.

Stay with me, one more day,

but you're here already since the month May. Better stay and let us dream come through, that marriage between me and you.


It sounds like racists want to interrupt our dream, they are a white destructive team.

How can we let the world know,

that Belgium try to stop our marriage sure and slow.

Come closer my Princess and stay with me,

far away from those doomed racists is where I want to be. Far away from a country where racism will hurt us everyday, getting old together in our country Brazil, our place to stay.


The country where I met you and where we belong,

the country without racism and where our love is real and strong. Where no one look at us for our mixture of colors in love so real, were we don't need to explain or prove someone what we feel.

Stay with me this life and for good,

the Belgian whiteys will not change our mood. Let's scream and shout with a lot of proud: 'We love each other, so racists just stay out!'


We don't see our colors, but we see our love inside our heart,

so racists, come closer and discover that we even smell the same, here is our fart! Straight in the face of the racists that don't believe we are in love and so real,

but the racists will not understand our love and how soft my 'black' lady really feel.