Sad and Alone,

again such a moment to keep strong.

A moment to go on,

and knowing why you feel so down. Being stuck in a situation you hate, but still having in God your faith.

Closing you're eyes and seeing where you want to be, probably far away from this sad reality.


Over your face, tears can flow, you are so tired of feeling so low. You wish yourself to another place,

far away from people, somewhere in space.

Another planet where you can smile and will be free, without people, so that you decide what you want to be.

No more tears and no more cries, such a life that would be nice.


Closing you're eyes and being away from here, straight to the place where you don't feel stress or fear.

A life without the people that hurt you everyday, I know how you feel, you want to be away.


Suffers and sadness in a world full of hate, trying to leave it trough another gate.

Counting down the days that the hell still needs to go on, but how long can you try to keep yourself so strong?

People around you,with a bad meaning, you feel from them every little teasing. It hurts a lot for you, but they don't care, they think that they handle you very fair.


Yes, I know, you want to have it over and out, you don't find the words to say it through your mouth.

But you feel so miserable and wish you were never made, you cry for the world and how people can be filled with hate.


I know you want to return to where you aren't alone, that place with all your people, yes, what you call home.

Not being happy, Sadness and so alone, being so far away from what kept you moving on. I understand what and who you are missing in life,

it is your freedom, the people who miss you and even your wife.

Go to sleep, lay down and dream for long,

at least 'there' you don't need to cry or keeping strong.