The 'nigger' is the victim in many cases, yes, the ones with the dark and black faces.

When something happens, the whiteys blames the dark colored guy,

it almost sounds as racists get a horny feeling from hate, that makes them high.

Include the religions and the racist hate for that, why no pork meat for Muslims?, it is so nice and fat!

Racist words ...without thinking, it is so sad,

the hate of colors and religions is what makes me mad.


On Friday the catholics eat fish a lot,

and bathing in Holly water in Lourdes, is what they got.

So racists, why laughing with Mecca and the Muslim Ramadan time?

The catholics have also such a kind of thing, 40 full days, and for them that's fine.

It is all a lack on respect for people, their color and religions in many ways, the most whiteys thinks that they are more; -that we need to face.

If the white people don't like the dark people in every way, then don't like their oil, diamonds, uranium, gold

and out of Africa is where you need to stay.


So many dark and black people in prisons that need to stay, the solution would be to keep the racist police far away. Even innocent black people were shot by police in the USA,

and a 21 years old white racist guy, took nine 'black' lives away.

Inshallah, Shalom and Hallelujah to all of you,

more respect to colored people and religions would be better too. Complaining that so many dark people are in the country those days,

but the whiteys made colonies, stole from Africa and imported even slaves.


The Italians and Moroccans where in Belgium Welcome to stay, because they couldn't find no one to work the many coals away.

Now there are no more coals to get out of the ground,

the Belgians are complaining about the many Moroccans they found.

Thousands of colored children are dying from hunger everyday and that's not a lie, but a racist told me once, in Africa the blacks with Ebola even may die!

Disgusting the words that you need to hear from racists in this life, imagine my feelings in the direction of my Sweet Woman, my 'black' wife.

They don't know that she isn't white, but very dark and mine,

everyone should need to know that our love is real and that everything goes fine.


Oh racists, why you even lay in the sun to get a brown color for a while,

why you even go on vacations where you hate the religions as in Egypt on the Nile.

Why you even talk about something you don't know,

why you even hate the things, the colored people, it shows me how you are so low.

So stupid and dumb racists are not knowing that there is only one race, and that is the Human being face.