Now you know what I always tried to explain, since you crossed through Belgium with the train.

Now you know what I mean, indeed such a things you had never seen. Now you realize why I dislike to be here, in that country with all the fucking beer.

Now you told me about the hell I have seen since my return, that's why I told you 'let me go back, just in an urn'.


Then the suffers and tears would be gone, but again you told me to keep strong.

You're only ten days here in this country of hallucination, and you told me 'what a devastation!'.

Now you finally believe and see that it is the truth what I told, about this country, for sure their people and their cold.

You told me to rest and that you would fight now for us till the end, but be careful, you know now it is difficult to find here a real friend. Now you even told me that people in Brazil are warm and strong, now you know why I told you always 'In Belgium I don't belong'.

Now I hope you finally will become proud on our Brazil, now you have seen the difference my lovely Jamile.


I agree with fighting for us till we may leave this country for good,

I know you feel bad now you know that what I told you about here is the truth.

Now you understand my love for our Brazil and the warm hearted people over there, This what you see is for sure something that you need to share.

Our Brazilian friends should need to know that Northern Europe isn't what they hope, better tell them that it is even worser then a thriller horror television soap.

That you don't go away anymore and will become my wife, that is what we wanted since we know each other in this life.


I'm wondering how long we need to wait till I may leave this country officially, then finally we can leave to Portugal, what was our plan and destiny.

Us being together forever is what we want to happen very soon, holding each other back while we are watching to the moon.

Making plans in freedom for our future together, honestly, nothing else don't really matter.

Probably no one believed that you really would come over to me for good, but that are the people here, it take time before they understood.


I know you already don't like it here as you told,

but you and me together that is our treasure and our gold.

I wish I could hold you know, and feel your energy, so strong,

I am so worried about you, my wife

and I even don't have a cent to hear you now on the phone.