You both are already hours gone, now I feel me back alone.

My two treasures visited me today, my Jamile and my Olivier.

My Brazilian Princess and my son were here, is this the start of our future without fear? Her 'Teddy' and his 'Daddy' is who I am, with them I want to be, soon as I can.


All of us were ready to cry today,

but I said 'Stop, no tears', leave them away. We started to smile, forgetting the past, we talked, but that hour went so fast.

I told her to finally stop blaming herself for this,

I hold them in my arms and we gave each other a real Kiss.

I went with my fingers through her beautiful hair, being here now without them, it isn't fair.


They need me and told me that they would go on, that together we are with tree, and very strong. She told me that she wouldn't leave me again, she will fight till I become her real man.

She's my Princess already seven years,

we had so much fun and also some little tears. The love we have is too strong to drop away, and that is why she for sure will stay.


Both of them I have seen the last time in Brazil, Indeed, talking about Olivier and my Jamile. They are the reason for what I want to be alive,

working and being there for my son and my 'wife'.

Let's hope that God brings us soon together, we know that this is an important matter.

I maybe don't like this country a lot, but God, let's try, let's give it a shot.


A life together with the tree of us in harmony, that's our dream, our wish, to be a real family.

To live again back with each other, and Jamile who want to become a mother.


To start our love, our family, this beautiful fairytale, her 'Teddy' and his 'Daddy', need to be out of jail.

The tree of us don't want to loose each other, as we did in the past, God, let us be a family, please real fast.