Where are you my beautiful Brazil,

being so far away from home, it feels like a painfully kill.

Your sky, your stars, the beautiful moon, My Brazil, I want to be back with you soon.


Brazil, you are my paradise, without you I feel cold in this country of ice.

You changed me in such a positive way, you are in my heart every day.


I am wearing a t-shirt with your beautiful name on it,

it means so much for me in this period of torture and shit.

Realizing you are almost ten thousand kilometers away from me, it is really with you that I belong and want to be.


Your air, your people and your energy,

even your culture and simplicity, they belong to me. Because you changed me, in a positive way, so much, that I can only hope that very soon I can feel your touch.


You gave me so many friends, even the day I entered you gave me my wife, well that she will be soon, that beautiful present of my life.

Why God didn't let me be born on your ground,

so I could be really one of them, the people with the nice Samba Sound.


So sad that people think that you are dangerous and bad,

but they know you only from television, stupid media and that makes me sad.

Missing the favelas on your mountains where the warm people life,

the kind of persons that are proud on you, the ones that helps and know to give.


The simple people that give in their poorness things away, their love, their caress and their heart everyday.

You know my love for you, and that all thanks to you.


It is so painfully to be without you so long, how you want me to keep strong,

You made me a proud Brazilian in heart and soul, let me see you again, let that be my target and goal.