I guess this is what will happen soon, you leaving on a day in the afternoon.

Back to Rio de Janeiro and all what we like, away from over here and what we both dislike. Our hope is lost in what we would had be,

yes, married; you with me.

All thanks to liars and white garbage racist crap, come here my Angel Princess, sitting a last time on my lap.


Soon at least you will be home again, but remember Sweetheart, I stay your man.

After this devastation time, you will be back mine.

Say hi to all our friends and them I will need to miss again, crying right now, the Teddy that could had been your man.

Finally you understand that in Belgium there is nothing to reach, game players, cold people and racists with 'blacks' on a leach.


Hey Angel, I know you will cry and did that already a lot, but I don't want to see you in pain and the suffers you got.

Probably you will even not see the Atomium you wanted already for many years, I know you wanted me free and with you wherever without any tears.


Look now my Wife that I love so much, for sure we gonna stay again in touch. Oh my God, my tears are rolling so hard.

I thought that this would had been our new Start! Go home and fly alone and please keep strong!

We know where we are happy and where we really belong!

I can't stop the tears right now, living again without you!, how?!


Say sorry to your mother from me, I can't accept her invitation,

so, for me no Christmas and a family marriage in Sâo Paulo, but more devastation.

People say you need to stay, you need to marry and go on,

but I know how much you are suffering, I don't want you to stay that strong.

Forget the words you told to me about staying till I would be free, they didn't gave us a chance, that is how in Belgian way it need to be.

My black Princess, I am so proud on you, know I will miss you and our Brazil too.


Give Pépé and the other children a kiss from us, and Flavío will be married soon, driving in his bus. When you arrive at home in our beautiful Brazil,

let us pray till the day we will finally meet again on the Rio de Janeiro Jesus Hill.