I feel me so bad,

being in a country, without my Jamile is so sad, Wishing I was home, in my Brazil,

the country where I belong, my heart is ill.


Why this torture and this pain, it goes trough every vain,

In Belgium I don't belong,

how to keep me, without my Brazilian people strong?


Thinking on the colors blue, yellow and green, from the country I have 14 months not seen,

I pray to my God everyday,

that I can leave Belgium, going away.


Back to the culture and the people I need to miss, swimming over the ocean as a tropical fish.

This country and their people have hurt me so much, Gosh, I wish that I could return now, by God's touch.


I can't go on living this way,

I am to far from my home away. My heart is burning for my Brazil, to be there, that is my will.


I can't live, without Jamile on my side, and my tears I don' want to hide.

I want to see the Rio Carnival,

and being in Nova America's shopping Mall.


The poor street children I helped so much, I wish I could be with them in touch,

So I could go on with helping them now again, being here, far away from all is totally insane.


My body is here, my heart and soul are there, I want to feel my Jamile's her beautiful hear.

No one knows how bad I feel,

but for my Brazil, with all proud I kneel.