Hell of a life,

being together with a wife.

It is my child that need me, and woman can kiss my ass, they are all the same, relations are a big mess.


Thanks to the crazy womans going through a hell, while my child needed me, that I know very well. Living in adventures in other countries and other states, but the love for your child never fades.


I stay with you, till the end of our life, that are the lies from every wife.

Living for my child everyday, that feeling will never go away.

Screw the countries to where I went, going for my child till my end.

Making sure that her life will be good, that will bring me in a different mood.


As an amputee being in jail, as being a father I feel the fail.

I should need to be there now for who I made, my child is my only faith.

Being a daddy, 24 hours a day, a feeling that always will stay.

The depression I have and how jail ruins me like hell, with my disability you should need to understand it very well.


No legs, one arm, but a heart for my kid, taking care for her is my commit.

My depression feels has a deep hole, without any light, fighting for future, crying daily in my fight.

A fight I am loosing without my baby on my side, I wish I could turn now the tide.

Let me say to every woman I know,

it is done with bringing me a tricky show.


The money I have spend on woman, so much,

to be dropped as shit and then they want to be again in touch.

No more fairy tales for me from that crazy gender,

femmes fatales, do their lies in the blender. Love on far distance, thousands of miles away, it's safe and even more then okay.

But my child stay my number one in my life, let that be clear to every woman and wife.