Finally my last year in jail, still 11 months stuck on a nail.

A nail that keep you in the country of hate, arrogant white racist people without any faith. Enough devastations I got for a whole life,

it feels like being stabbed with a very sharp knife. The bullshit and injustice you needed to take,

for sure laws are written to be fake.


The court and judges that want to decide about your hell, for sure they do everything to be sure you don't feel well.

The mentality torture is a daily shake, and after a while it will let you brake.


A king that even have nothing to say, for sure I will go away.

Away from what I never liked or will, this Belgian country, so little and ill.


Racism you don't hear but you can feel it good,

how people like to hurt each other brings me in a very sad mood.

But finally I can prepare me to leave Belgium soon,

to watch in another warm hearted country at night to the Moon.


Never ever I want to hear the word Belgium again, terrible, the frustrations you get here as a prisoned man.

But even outside, freedom don't really exist, It is all a government list.


The freedom of being bounded on crazy taxes and impossibilities, and for the people with less money even not enough facilities.

No, thank you very much for this nice offer to stay, but my ass decides to go here away.


It is time for the Belgians to forget me for good. I want something else then daily potatoes as food.

A country with a zero respect for the people with a disability, being stuck in a wheelchair without any help of the ability.


I want to forget this nightmare soon as I can,

but that will be in November that I will become back a man.

A man and no longer a number of being a criminal, Oh dear Eye-flapped people, forget me, you all.