Finally she is on her way, yes to me, and to stay,

with the hope that God gives me freedom, out of jail, so that we can start our life, our fairytale.


A matter of a few more days without my Jamile, I need her love, her energy, a real refill,

so that we can win this terrible situation,

that being together with her will be our destination.


My Son, My Jamile together with me, Oh God, let it happen, let it be.

Being out of torture and this dishonest pain, connecting our hearts soon with the marriage chain. The girl from Rio de Janeiro that loves me so much,

soon in the airplane on her way to Belgium, to get a real touch. A touch in our hearts and souls and forever together in this life,

for sure I will say 'Yes' on our marriage day to her, my future wife.


I can't stop crying, thinking they would not let me free, then it's all over, at least for me.

Thinking on how beautiful it all will be,

if I can live in freedom for my son and for she.

She is the one that is real and filled with love for me, God, let me ask you to let it happen, to let it be. She, my son and me together as a destination,

but then without this painfully locked-up situation.


You, who is on your way, I know that you will stay, You that I once met,

I stay with you, at least till death.

I waited on you so long, you told me to stay strong,

now you will be here very soon,

find out my suffering under the Belgian moon.


But all this will stop and know an end, my Brazilian wife, my dearest heart friend.

My son and you is all what I have in this short life, let us stop the sacanagem done to me and keep me alive.

Jamile, if we don't get this dishonesty away, take my soul then with you on your travel way,

only God will bring us together in freedom for good, You and my son are more important then food.