The decision is made, for Brazil I am too late,

No more allowed for a long time, It hurts a lot, but that's fine.

Know that I never will forget you and my life over there, but that's life and we know it's not fair.

I never thought that I would loose you for long, remembering how you made me so different, so strong.


The smile I had over there on my face everyday, the good and so happy feeling is totally away.

But when I'm dead I will be with you, that's even written in my will, and who gonna bring me then to you, that is my Jamile.

A farewell to you my beautiful Brazil,

I gonna stay here with my son and Jamile,

But just as all the years before, tears will flow out of my eyes, yes, when I will think of you and knowing how it was there so nice.


Know that I will think on you everyday, my good feeling for you never will go away.

I wish I could had said a farewell to my many friends and new family, but unfortunately I wasn't in that possibility.

It hurts to write about you my beautiful Brazil, tears for you now, it makes me so ill.

Illness in my heart from being homesick, all those years with you went too quick.


I wish that God could show me your beauty, in this life one more time, Oh Brazil, you are in my heart, you are mine.

Being back in Europe, is that my destiny?

God, let me then be with Jamile, my son, having our new family.


I still can't believe that I am here and not there,

but you gave me my Brazilian woman, yes the one with that beautiful hair.

Making and seeing my son and Jamile happy everyday,

in a few days she will be here, yes exactly, in the month May.

Brazil, I wish you could come over with her, being in this situation without you, it isn't fair.

With you I was a person, and here I am just a number, a parasite, I am nothing anymore, just feel me ready to hide.


Hiding me, away from the many people here that like to be bad, Yes my Brazil, the life without you is pretty sad.

God, give me freedom so I can be there for my son and Jamile, and after this life, bring my body please back to my Brazil.