Crying for you, woman that I love so much, Crying for us, I want to feel your soft touch.

Crying for home, the country where I felt me accepted, I wish this never had happened, being from there ejected.


Tears are rolling, so afraid to loose you again,

but you are telling me that you will not leave me, your white man.

You promised so much during all those years, a few didn't came out and I ended up in tears.

Everytime you leave the visit, I'm afraid that was the last time, and believe me, I really don't feel fine.

I'm so afraid to loose you for good,

my Jamile, I am crying and in such a sad mood.


I wish that God could tell me what's gonna happen now,

I know you want me right away together with you, but how?

I am missing our country, our people, just everything, over there I met you as my Princess and me your Teddy King.

Everything hurts, in every vain,

don't give up my Angel, I don't want that pain.

It is now already a suffer as hell,

even you told me “How could you handle that alone so well?”


Only because you wrote and told me to go on, to not give up on you, to stay that strong.

I don't know what to think anymore,

I feel me as garbage, as a used street whore.

We would try it over here in Europe and it would work out, that were even the words from your mother, very clear and loud.

And what about my son, we made such a nice plans together, but now it seems as he don't care anymore, as it don't matter.


I only can cry and pray that everything would become okay, I really don't want you to go again from me away.

Stop feeling guilty that I am here thanks to you,

I have forgiven you, I want you as my wife, knowing you want this too.


You are my energy my sweet lovely Jamile,

you know that very well and it all started in 'our' Brazil.

I asked you or I will see Brazil in this life again?

I can hope but so afraid for a 'No', I am. I didn't know that life can be so bad,

Again, they better had killed me there, just a bullied through my head.

Then no one needed to be worried now for me, but then I had been now where I was so happy to be.