Falling for love and believing every womans word, being controlled by a woman will keep you short. I love you, I need you, are words you like to hear,

better pass out with a nice glass of beer.


The bullshit that some woman want you to believe, they will take your heart away as a little thief.

The promises that woman make, so easy as a piece of cake.

A totally demolition of your nice life, that can be done by this wife.

Buying them everything what they desire, much cheaper is a slut to hire.


Being controlled by a woman can bring you in a depression, till you will realize that you was only a part of the session.

A session wherein you were used and abused, thanks to being dumb, indeed, the sadness and tears for love, will go away with a bottle of rum.


Wake up and realize that you can life without their lies, once it is over, they hurt you with their heart turned into ice.

Without any feeling they will let you suffer till hell, that's a woman, you know that, think well.


Being controlled by a woman will ruin your personality, then better get addicted to drugs and get on Xtc.

Is it only for her pussy and her tits that you want a female creature?

It's understandable, it's anyway the way of nature.


There are so many nice silicon fake pussy's to fill,

or a slut that never will hurt you, just pay the fucking bill.

No screams, no fights, no runaways,

and even your money in your wallet gonna stays.


A man is nothing in this life, when it comes to such a wife.

Get a divorce and see how you will loose everything, better get drunk on the street and start to sing.


A woman can even bring you to jail, that's how they are, those female. And while you are rotting away,

it's with another victim-man that they will stay.