On this world, there are children so poor, starving to death, everyday more.

Children and babies crying for food, oh dear God, this isn't good.

You can see their bones trough the skin, if we don't help them, the dead will win.

Do you know that every second of each day, a hungry child passed away?


Rice, beans and manioc, would give them an energy shock. In that way they could stay alive, and having a future, yes a real life.


Little innocent souls are suffering so hard, helping them would be a good start.

We maybe can't help them all out of the shit,

but starting to help would be good, that you need to admit.

When I look at my plate, filled with food, then I change a lot, for sure my mood.

A sadness, a tear for them who need to eat, thinking how nice it would be, to have them feed.


Poor babies and children of this planet so blue, being hungry, sick and even dying from a flue.

In Africa, almost one million children dies from Malaria every year, if I think on that, I can feel in every eye a tear.


But crying don't gonna help them, in no any way,

but what by going over, to see them, to help them, even to stay.

I am not Mother Teresa, but I will travel to them a few weeks every year, much better then doing nothing, just thinking and staying here.

In NGO organizations I don't believe, some of them are as a real thief,

Some of them just want to see money and gold,

they don't mind about a dying child, it leaves them even cold.


Poor dying hungry children that don't know how mean the world of adults can be, war, hate, fights, racism and so much more, or don't you agree?

Don't we want for every baby and child a perfect future with a happy smile? for sure we can help them, you can find them on every square mile.

The world is filled with babies and children that need our help so much, try to do everything to get with them in touch.

So you can open your heart and help them out of this hungry hell,

and you will see that afterwards you only can say 'I'm happy I helped, I feel so well'.