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During many years Alex Mensaert lived in different. The pictures he could find back are here. Also pictures from Family, the Family tree on what the grandfather of Alex spend many years to investigate, some foods Alex made and so much more.

Before we go to the pictures (and more that soon will be online) Alex want to show you his oldest brother (Patrick) and sister (Brigitte) who he need to miss already many years.
Patrick died from cancer and exactly 14 days later (same day, 14 days later) his sister died from suicide.


The day before she died, Brigitte called and she told to Alex on the phone: "Brother, from tomorrow on, you will think everyday in your life on me", not knowing what she was talking about on that moment. But, indeed the last words from sister Brigitte to her youngest brother did came out. Since that terrible day there is no any day in the life of Alex without thinking on Brigitte. He called her always 'WitteKop' (In English WhiteHead, Dutch for white head, oriented on her white hair).

A movie that Alex made from his sister shortly before she died.

But also Patrick, who died from cancer is daily in the mind of Alex. He remember the time that the doctor told him: "Your brother has only 6 months to live", but the truth Alex never told to his brother at that time. Alex was at that time sure that it was better not to tell his brother that he would die from Cancer.

Patrick in the movie 'The Spider Catcher'.
Both liked to make jokes and since Patrick hated spiders, Alex came up with the funny idea to make a movie.
A Spider Catcher (who was a friend of Alex) and brother Patrick, who believed this whole setup.

Patrick was 44 and Brigitte was 37 on the moment they left our living world.


Pictures from the time Alex lived in the Philippines.
And where he still is.

From 2018 till heden



Pictures from the time Alex lived in Portugal.

From 2016 till 2018



Pictures from the time Alex lived in Brazil.

From 2008 till 2013


Pictures from the time Alex lived in the USA.

From 2007 till 2008


Pictures from the time Alex lived in Belgium.

From birth till 2007


Pictures from the two children of Alex.


Different scans from the family of Alex;
Mother, Father, grandparents, brothers, sister,
nephew,... But also from Alex when he was very young.


Different scans from the family tree
and other family documents.


Different foods Alex made.


While Alex was in Brazil, he started to help many
street children and children from the slums where he lived.
He called it 'City of Hearts', the time he was doing this.