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Alex Mensaert was born on July 1, 1970 at Tienen, better known as the sugar city of Belgium. Alex is a father of 2 children and was 3 times married. He lived for many years in Tienen, but decided to put a 'little' step in the world and to live outside of his birth area. He lived in different cities all over Belgium. But since Alex likes to travel a lot, he lived in different countries like Brazil, Sri Lanka, United States of America, where he lived in Florida. But also in Portugal and also in the Philippines.

Already from a young age Alex started to get interested in the world of writers; This came because his grand aunt Julia Tulkens and his uncle Jan were also active in the world of writers.
In 2004, the first book from Alex came out. ´Forbidden Love´(book in Dutch), about his life and what his second wife had done to him. After that he published a book for children: ´Rice pudding with golden spoons´(book in Dutch). Alex signed his book on the book fair of Antwerp (Belgium), and is still active in the world of writing. His most recent book is 'Around the world without legs' (book in English). Near that he loves to paint.

Alex is an amputee and have different hobbies: In the first place Alex loves the sea. He like to live very close near it. He can enjoying watching the sea for hours, the nature. Near that he love to travel to far distances, painting, making websites, internet, shopping, music, making contacts, amusement parks, photography... 
Alex don´t have a lot of family; His father died when he was seven, his mother when he was ten. His oldest brother and sister died both on only 14 days difference. His other brother died in March 2007. Near his two children, Alex don´t have so much family; Only a nephew and that's it. 

Alex Mensaert is also a triple amputee (no legs, one arm) and love to show the world that you really can travel totally alone without anyone to whatever destination on the world. "You don't need legs or body parts to do whatever you want to do in this life", are the words from Alex.

Last Update:
Friday, January 21, 2022 05:06 PM
Already since July 8, 2021 Alex is back in Europe after being almost 3 years in the Philippines. First to Portugal, Lisbon (Cascais) and then on August 3, 2021 Alex went to Belgium, the country where he was born in. There he ended up again in the hospital. Even two different ones. 
In both cases and destinations for his lung problem he got in the Philippines. After all those weeks and being in two different hospitals we can confirm it isn't lung cancer. The bactery he has is Klebsiella.
January 2022, Alex is already two months back in Portugal. He thought that his lung problem was over, but it did came back and he ended up again in the hospital. This time in Porto, Portugal. Four times and for long periods in hospitals and the bacteria isn't still gone.
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